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Yesterday on wall street still saw new highs in some of the major stock indexes – Standard & Poor’s 500 and NASDAQ Composite. But it is noteworthy that to update the historical highs we saw last year, could not any one stock index of America. Although the reasons for this was enough. So, yesterday released a phenomenal data of the census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce. It turned out that home sales in March increased by 4.5% compared with the revised index of February. While most analysts on wall street surveyed by the international information-analytical Agency Reuters had forecast a decline of 3%.
Next were corporate reports, most of which were major. This showed the market about the growth of profits of American corporations in the first quarter. For example, the quarterly profit of the American manufacturer of soft drinks Coca-Cola surpassed analysts ‘ expectations.
The consumer sector giant Procter & Gamble reported an increase in net profit in the last quarter. Judging by the report of the Corporation, net income amounted to $2,776 billion or of $1.04 per share compared to a net profit of $2,540 billion, or $0.95 to paper a year earlier. In my opinion, it is important that adjusted corporate profits per share were $1.06 and while forecasters on wall street had expected the index and $1.03 USD.
Military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin recorded net profit growth of 47% in the first quarter and also raised its forecast for annual profit. This is not surprising, because the company is the world’s largest supplier of military equipment. American telecommunications company Verizon Communications also boosted its net profit it made in the first quarter of $5,16 billion, or $1,22 per share compared to last year, when figures were $is 4.67 billion, or $1,11 per share. Adjusted earnings came in above forecasts of economists and analysts.
A little upset Corporation Harley-Davidson, producing iconic motorcycles financial results for the first quarter was talking about the General decline in net profit. However, in some units, the figures were at the level of $0,98 per share, while wall street predicted $0,82. The net profit of the industrial conglomerate United Technologies were $1,346 billion or us $1.56 per share, compared with a year earlier – $1,297 billion, or $1,62 USD per share Adjusted earnings came in at $1.91 a – it exceeded the average forecast of analysts, who expected a value of $1.71.
So good for wall street is not drawn on new historical highs. So again waiting for the end of the trading week. I have confidence that most global investors come in “clean cache” – it really suggests the growth rate of the US dollar in the international currency market.
I’m staying to delete this chart on the Index of wide market Standard & Poor’s 500, which I opened at 2 777,72 points, and then increased at around 2 888,82 points. Now I’m waiting for level 3 111,13 for another deal. However, this mark 3 111,13 no promises. But the reason for it I think on 30 April, the next start of negotiations between the US and China when Beijing will arrive the United States trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin. Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders stated that the American officials will meet with the Vice Premier of the State Council of China Liu he. Let’s see if they can negotiate.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”