The US stock market is waiting for the report Apple

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Before the rate decision, the fed left little more than a day, and market participants are hiding. Oil poured into the fire a tweet by Donald trump where he is, however, as always, stated that “China is misbehaving. They promised to buy our agricultural products, but never bought.” In this case there is information about the fact that China has sharply increased its purchase of soybeans in Russia, which is also clearly not happy in the White house.
The only positive news of today was the information that the bill restricting the share of foreign investors in Russian IT giants to 20%, will not be accepted. As soon as this information appeared, the shares of Yandex (YNDX) has played yesterday’s decline and the moment grow by 4.07%, making them the growth leader Index Mosberg, given that the index is losing 0.24 percent.
On the US stock markets today await a quarterly report of Apple (AAPL). This day could be the Rubicon for “Apple company”. If the results of the quarter will disappoint investors, the paper can get into the deep “downtrend”. To the technology giant it has long been a number of issues, and one of the main “where innovations and breakthroughs?”.
Chinese competitors under pressure from all sides, the pricing policy is causing more problems, and the quality every year gets lower. Before the opening of the market of paper cost $206, but after the report are cheaper by $10-15 with a negative report, but the positive release will support the growth of not more than $5-10.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”