The US stock market is waiting for corporate reports

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Almost everything that is happening now is tied to the confrontation between the US and China. This week China’s financial markets are completely closed in connection with the celebration of the New year according to the lunar calendar.
The final close of us stocks held on a positive note, as strong data on employment in the U.S. economy stilled the excitement on wall Street about the slowdown in US GDP.
As a result, the financial market is not so afraid that the fed will have to revert back to the cycle of monetary policy tightening and to reduce the rate to support the US economy in 2019.
At the forefront quarterly corporate reports in the USA and everything that is somehow related to tensions between that country and the rest of the world. This is another unilateral withdrawal of America from the Treaty the INF Treaty, which, though was signed between the USSR and the USA, and for Russia directly, indirectly addressed to all the countries possessing nuclear weapons, first and foremost China.
Venezuelan passion will warm the oil market and the conflict between the United States and Venezuela. It seems to me that it will be resolved in favor of the States, similar to the situation with RUSAL.
This week you may receive some news on boring Brexit. Surprises are not excluded, but the process is already stuffed mouth. Prime Minister Theresa may has once again stated that they are ready to resume negotiations with the United Europe by key terms Brexit. Moreover, she has new ideas and even support of the British Parliament.
From my point of view, the index of wide market Standard & Poor’s 500 has room for maneuver – trade above 2 727,27 paragraph gives a chance to move to a 2 777,72 points, which is not far from current levels. But since the main market drivers – China news and investors left for the holidays, this week is likely to be boring.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”