The US stock market is not happy with the new duties on goods from China

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World stock markets on Friday, significantly losing ground in the background of another escalation of the trade conflict between the US and China.
Major U.S. stock indexes on Thursday fell within 1% after the us President Donald trump wrote in his Twitter that the United States from September 1 to impose duties of 10% on goods from China worth 300 billion dollars.
The Asian stock exchanges on Friday were closed by decrease of indexes on 1,5-2,4% due to the escalation of trade conflict between the US and China. A new meeting between the parties is expected in early September, but, according to the American President, as long as the deal is not reached, the U.S. will continue to charge China with duties on imported goods.
European stocks followed US markets and Asia lose Friday up 2.5% on the basic indexes.
The Russian stock market weakens to 2.7% on the RTS index Mosberg fell below the psychological mark of 2700 points on the background of the duties against China and reports of new sanctions against Russia. For this reason, the ruble plummeted to 75 cents to the Euro and 60 cents to the dollar.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club