The US stock market Index SP500 recovered from the last collapse 1%

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Us stock index SP500 closed the trading session on Thursday with growth of nearly 1% to 2,705 points, Nasdaq increased by 1.4%. However, the statements of Amazon and Google has shown weak results, while the market expected more. In addition, during the main session, shares of Amazon have grown by 5.4% to $1796 per piece, whereas in the post-auction fell by 7.7% to $1650 facilitated a conference call with investors.
The company management has declared that will create new tools for advertising, but investors wanted to know how will be attracted to the platform partners in the retail trade. In the end, due to poor reporting and poor forecasts for the fourth quarter of the stock has decreased. The same scenario befell the shares of the Alphabet.
So, on Friday, the us market will open lower, which is confirmed by the U.S. index futures, which are down 0.6-1%. Followed by 0.8-1% drop in European and Asian derivatives and other emerging markets. The ruble may strengthen due to the payment of income tax on Monday. Following the meeting of the Board of Directors of the CBR’s key rate, we do not expect her to change, but we believe that at the end of the fourth quarter rate will be raised to 7.75% because of the increased risk preinflation.
Viktor Veselov,
Chief analyst,