The US stock market in the euphoria of corporate reports

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Closing on wall street yesterday was expected. This contributed to the interest of global investors in the securities of high-technology sector. All stock indices in the U.S. finished the trading day with a significant advantage and is also added to the volumes below average.
Yesterday continued the company’s corporate records and publications of macroeconomic statistics. Became known, the Index of business activity in new York in January 2019 – value was 855,1 point, when the previous level in 848,5 points.
Very good, however, the positive effect of the messed up data on the level of orders in manufacturing in November, they fell by 0.6%, while most analysts on wall street had expected an increase of this indicator on 0,2%.
After the close of markets a report published by Google, and it is impossible to make a clear understanding about what is happening in the company. But in General, the markets are optimistic. This week’s news, including the important, and the market is full of interest in risky assets. While growing trend will continue.
We don’t change the upbeat attitude and the expected level 2 777,72 points on the index of wide market Standard & Poor’s 500.
However, the U.S. stock market has climbed well up, and already there’s a chance to search the levels for the partial closure of positions and possible opening of the shorts. And many of this week’s data on the state of the U.S. economy. Most likely, before the end of the Chinese new year holidays to take new steps and to reconsider the position is not necessary.
Amid the General optimism of the Russian stock market storming new highs, but does it very carefully, and only in the segment of ruble prices, i.e. the index of the Moscow exchange.
The Russian market will follow the General trend of interest to risk until then, until the correction in global financial markets or does not happen something unexpected.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”