The US stock market has turned red

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World stock markets again dressed in red. Fears that the negotiations, the U.S. and China to exit from a trade war will end in vain once again on the agenda. Trump promises to raise duties on some Chinese goods to 25%, and that could again strain relations between the two great powers, and to slow down the pace of their economic growth. By the end of Monday, the Dow 30 fell 0.25 percent, a little more fell from the S&P 500 index, 0.45%, and the Nasdaq fell even more, by 0.5%. Asian stock indexes in early trading today, the vast majority also went negative.
Russian stock indexes also declined, but not only for external but also for internal reasons. The RTS index on Monday lost 0.22%, while the index of the Moscow exchange declined less 0.05%. The plane crash at Sheremetyevo airport, which killed dozens of people, has created in the market a negative background on which the shares of the company “Aeroflot” fell by 1.82%, while shares of “United aircraft Corporation”, which includes the manufacturer of the aircraft SSJ-100, fell less significantly, only by 0.07%, but this is due to their low liquidity. Today, at the opening of the expected new reduction of the Russian stock market, although it is likely to be not too sharp. The RTS index is expected today in the range 1230-1290 points, while the index Mosberg levels in 2500-2550 points.
The price of Brent crude oil on Monday have grown on 0,89%, to $71,2 per barrel and the price of Texas crude fell 1.2% to$, they comprised 62.65 per barrel, which is likely to be associated with the abolition of exceptions to the U.S. embargo against Iranian oil starting from 2 may. We expect the price of a barrel of Brent today in the corridor of $70-71.
The ruble at the opening of trading may be reduced. The expected fluctuations of ruble pairs today in the 65-66 rubles per dollar and 72,6-73,8 rubles for Euro.
_______________________ Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center,