The US stock market has returned to uncertain growth

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Yesterday, the us market rose again, but not as much as I would like. Data on employment and the price level consumers are not given a chance to escape far from the mark 3 000,03 on the index of wide market Standard & Poor’s 500.
Speaking at the banking Committee of the U.S. Senate, Powell reiterated his willingness to lower the benchmark interest rate later this month at the next fed meeting, which is scheduled for July 31. It is expected that this will support the growth of the American economy.
Data on the level of unemployed was positive – the number of initial claims for benefits decreased to 209 thousand, while analysts expected a figure of 223 thousand consumer price Index for June added 0.1 percent, while changes are not expected.
According to the news, talking about the inevitable fed rate cut makes no sense. However, the main financial regulator may know more than global investors, and therefore surprises can be of different kinds. Moreover, foreign trade and currency wars is far from complete, and the world remains in tension.
So I wait for the fed decision. If the rate will lower on 0,25% instead of the expected global market of capital of 0.5%, the world will not be satisfied. And if the rate will actually fall by 0.5%, we can say that we buy on rumors and sell on facts.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”