The US stock market gained 2% to compensate for previous losses

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During yesterday’s trading U.S. stock indexes rose more than 2%. The greatest growth was in high-tech NASDAQ added 3%. Growth of the stock market contributed to the strong statements of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Blackrock, and Netflix, only IBM disappointed investors. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs profit increased by 20%. On this background of action Goldman Sachs rose 3%, and Morgan Stanley – by 5.7%.
Note the success of Netflix. The report was not very strong – cash flow is still negative, the debt is growing. But the number of service users increased by 7 million (expected growth of 5 million), while there is still 9.4 million filings in the fourth quarter. Netflix shares per day gained 14%.
Thus, half of the drawdown of the us stock market late last week was purchased. We will remind, on 10-11 October, the indices were down 4-5%. Today the attention of market participants focused on reporting US Bancorp, Danone and Abbott Labs. If they are positive, the us stock market continue to rise. In this case, the reduction in “red environments” will be redeemed. The Russian stock market also has a chance to continue yesterday’s growth. In our view, a return to 2500 points on the index of Mobimii is quite possible, next goal is 2450 points.
Roman Tkachuk,
Senior analyst,