The US stock market fears of the futility of negotiations of the USA and China

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The beginning of the week on wall street was mixed and indistinct. The alarm has not ceased to own the market, and created the best backdrop for the session. This week will be full of different and not very significant macroeconomic data. In part, this will determine the General mood of global investors.
The world is still concerned about the forthcoming negotiations China and the United States, and the topic is the new “shutdown” in the air. Nevertheless, the mood also present some optimism. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recently confirmed that us officials from the Finance and administration Donald trump will arrive in Beijing. Moreover, the Minister hopes to negotiate with officials of China’s basic conditions of foreign trade transactions and thereby prevent the increase in duties on Chinese goods from the US.
We will remind that last week in an interview with CNBC Mnuchin said that the talks in Washington, was “extremely productive.” As we know, the Chinese side will be represented by Vice-Premier of China Liu he, and the delegation of the USA headed by the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin and U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer. The next round of talks is scheduled for February 14-15. Despite the emotional comments of Donald trump, there is also information that his meeting with XI Jinping is scheduled in mid-March. Global world traders hope for a positive outcome, but all is not so rosy.
Today on the stock exchanges of countries in the Pacific and South-East Asia is dominated by optimism, and it can spread to other markets. Most likely, this effect of new rumors about the negotiation process. The General mood on the capital markets, we as positive. However do not forget about the confrontation between Democrats and Republicans in America – the controversy over the “great wall” on the border with Mexico can run “shutdown version 2.0”.
So the market will be dominated by speculative moves and will increase volatility.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”