The US stock market does not notice external negativity

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Following a successful report of Pepsi Co American stock market demonstrated a mixed performance, leaving without much attention to the fact that the transaction under the foreign trade agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico took place, and the quarterly results of the company Tesla has surpassed market expectations. Really have to give credit to the activity of global investors, trading yesterday on wall Street occurred with the increase of the average volume, but probably global growth was prevented by the news from Italy, where on the background of the dispute between the official Brussels and Rome is not the first day there is a debate on the Italian budget and three-year European Union budget.
And the total differences in the budget approval process of the Old world, the Italians sought to negotiate a number of concessions, but they essentially failed.
While there was, and probably still not subsided, the debate about the budget deficit in Italy the yield on government debt of Italy has managed to show the record over the last 5 years, which is extremely worried in recent days, many investors around the world. I will say more, began again to sound the word about a new round of the European crisis on the debt market, which is extremely dangerous in my opinion in the current difficult conditions in the global geopolitical field. Most likely, the Italian issues echo around the world, and the tension regarding the Outlook for the world economy generated by foreign trade disputes and the General degree of tension sounds more menacing and louder.
Nevertheless, most global investors try to ignore the overall degree of uncertainty in the relations between the many participants in the global economy that leaves more questions than answers. The prospect of growth of total collapse, yet not on the front pages of economic publications, but with different sides and stands this subject is raised more and more often.
But while the Titanic of the world economy is rapidly slices through the water, and the music plays “on all cylinders”, and the illumination is shiny, making eye lookout. The General attitude is reminiscent of the process of conscious denial common problems, and in this lies the trouble. And on the reefs of the crisis can be fright to come.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”