The us stock market continues to decline

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Russian stock indexes Friday morning, rising, shares among the leaders of growth “KAMAZ” and “Kuzbass fuel company”. Under pressure quotes “Dixie” and “TGC-1”.
Us stock market finished trading on Thursday with fall, today in the premarket the S&P500 index continues to decline. Brent crude is still trading sideways, today will be the publication of data on the number of drilling rigs from Baker Hughes, the possible positive data will give a new impetus to the quotations, but for now trading around $73,2 per barrel.
The Euro/dollar resumed its decline, we assume that the pair could drop to the level of 1,196. Today will be the publication of statistics, the most important will be data on unemployment in the U.S. is expected to decline to 4%. The Russian ruble weakened slightly against the dollar and the Euro, Friday’s auction will be held at lower volumes. The pair dollar/ruble to the end of the day will remain in the range of 62.9-63.3 per RUB.
Vladimir Putin meeting of the Supervisory Board of the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” on Thursday in Sochi noted the readiness to host the football 2018 world Cup. Conversations on that Russia will take the world Cup or Russia will not be able to implement corresponding spending due to falling oil prices and sanctions, it was a lot. However, as we see, a football feast in the offing. Its economy is briefly as follows. Total costs are estimated at $13 billion Private investment amounted to about one-third of this amount.
The scale of the Russian economy, the cost amount is not very big and is only 1% of the total annual investment volume, or less than 3% of the size of the current Russian international reserves. The main beneficiaries of the Russian economy will, first of all, the financial sector, retail, Breweries and hospitality. The world Cup will add about 0.2% to the total figure of economic growth in Russia in 2018. Inflation slightly accelerated. And the impact on the ruble will be weak. The payoff for certain regions, especially the cities where the matches will be significant. It is expected that Russia will come from 400 to 600 thousand fans.
In conclusion, we should say that the probability of randomness in a football tote, of course, higher than when investing in stocks or Forex pairs, but betting on football, clearly, is also not a bad way to make money. For example, you can put on Russia, and to provide themselves for life. That’s just the miracles happen only in fairy tales. Team Russia will become a world champion in football, then and only then, when the team of Brazil or Argentina will win the world Cup of hockey.
The external background to today’s trading has developed neutral index Mosuri will hold an auction in the range 2280-2310 points.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,