The US stock market begin trading in the red

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The US stock market on Wednesday will start the bidding “in the red”, as their investors are concerned about the new round in trade conflicts between the US and China.
On the eve the U.S. indices closed with growth against the background of the purchase of shares of technology companies. In addition, turned out to be good statements of a number of American companies in the first half of the year.
While the Asian stock indexes on Wednesday completed the trading session different directions. In particular, the Chinese stock market indicators showed negative dynamics on the background of the new trading risks in relations between the US and China.
On the eve of the US authorities published a list of Chinese goods to $16 billion annually on the import of which will be introduced fees in the amount of 25%. Previously this duty was introduced against Chinese goods with a volume of $34 billion per year.
European stocks on Wednesday decrease by 0.4 percent due to poor financial reporting by some companies. For example, shares the Danish Novo Nordisk cheaper after the report that in the second quarter of the company’s sales was worse than expectations of experts.
World oil prices on Wednesday at $74 per barrel of Brent support the data of the American petroleum Institute (API) on the reduction of stocks of raw materials in the United States. Now investors are waiting for similar data from the U.S. Department of energy.
Also oil prices are high because of fears of market participants about possible reduction of deliveries of the Iranian oil after the United States resumed the action of the package of economic sanctions against Iran.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club