The US stock market are still able to pre-new year rally

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The Russian stock market continues to decline, that creates some concern for market participants. The company “RusHydro” poorly reported in the third quarter. Shares fell -0,46%, and the psychological price mark of 0.5 rubles was passed. From the opening paper dipped by almost 1%. Also the shares of “Gazprom” fell by 2.28% due to news about the support of congressmen of the USA of sanctions against North stream-2. The price of Brent crude traded at $61 per barrel, but the paper oil and gas companies in any way do not react to it, as the decline of the industry is under common pressure from the market.
But there are positive aspects of the market. The shares of “MegaFon” added 4.8 per cent on the message about the offer. It should also pay for papers GMK “Norilsk Nickel”, which is some island of tranquility in so much of the surging Russian market. At the slightest correction index Mobira up, the company’s shares could rise to 13,000 rubles per share.
Wall Street closed mixed. But in General we can evaluate the positive investors. In spite of the external pressure over fears of a slowing global economy amid trade disputes between the US and China, technology sector stocks, and the health sector were in demand. Shares of the Microsoft Corporation rose by 0.93% in the short term, the paper company can reach a price level of $116,00. Business “Microsoft” seems to be more robust, reliable and diversified than Apple.
See the full story. When Microsoft overtook Apple to become the most valuable company in the U.S. last month, most of the titles were just announced this as the time – ephemeral surge, until normal, and “Apple” again reigned Supreme. I believe that this reflective Shoe in addition to MSFT from “Microsoft”, value + 0,93% is a mistake. In my opinion, this is not just a temporary situation. Most likely, Microsoft has a great opportunity to keep – and even increase – their lead.
Because Apple, the manufacturer of some of the most respected products in the world, there is a problem with innovation: since the Apple Watch made its debut in 2015, Apple has not released anything that could be a simple iteration of an existing product. Also, the company has a problem with litigation: although Qualcomm equips the Samsung modems 5G for their devices of premium-class of 2019, “Apple” will be successful to have the first device 5G by 2020 (if only Tim cook will not make peace with Qualcomm). In the past Apple has reconciled with the late introduction of new innovation, but I believe that the iPhone maker had reached the end of the era in which he can still win hearts and minds with inferior technology.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”