The United States is ready to conclude a trade war with China?

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In the administration of President Donald trump addresses the question of the abolition of import duties on Chinese goods. This was reported by the influential American newspaper the Wall Street Journal. With this proposal, according to the newspaper, during several closed sessions, trump was made by Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin. Officially this information has not yet been confirmed. Nevertheless, the emergence of authoritative publication such news inspired the American and Chinese stock markets on growth. American stock indexes at the end of trading on Thursday unanimously closed in a good plus, but Chinese stocks in the morning showed an increase of more than percent.
You can perceive this information as a signal that the US is ready to make peace with China to stop trade war and on again to resume normal business partnership? This is probably one of signals, but such signals came before, including a statement of the trump at the G20 summit in December last year that until March he suspends the increase in duties on Chinese goods to 25%, and also recently made statements that he hopes to achieve progress in relations with China in the near future.
Until the end of January held talks on issues of compromise in a trade war. But rejoice too early, as the peacefulness of the U.S. is often misleading. It seems that the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin followed the pragmatic approach to politics, so such a step in China, even not officially confirmed, looks likely.
Also note that on the initiative Mnuchin soon will be lifted sanctions against businesses owned under sanctions by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. And this links in a chain, saying that some officials in the US there is an understanding that it is impossible to conduct foreign policy by means of coercion, it is necessary to find compromises and make mutual concessions. And countries like Russia and China, has long been in the vanguard of American foreign policy, and protect their own interests.
However, unfortunately, in the US a lot of bigots who are not interested in the fact that the US has established good working relationships with other nuclear powers that maintain their own policy (we are talking primarily about China and Russia). Some American officials and congressmen believe that the abolition of duties on the import of Chinese goods may be perceived by China as a sign of weakness or even defeat the United States in the trade war. So it is early to calm down: a trade war is far from over. There are weak sprouts of the world, but still need time to let them still grow. In any case, the news had little positive impact on the ruble, which at the opening of trading rose slightly against the dollar (0.01%).
Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center,