The U.S. stock market accelerated the fall

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World stock markets on Tuesday mostly lower as the escalation of trade conflict between the US and China.
The major stock indexes of USA on the eve of lost to 3.5% amid rising tensions in trade relations between the two countries. While the worst performers were the Nasdaq, however, has not prevented participants of the market to earn good money on its dynamics, as did trader Forex Club received for the day of almost 110 thousand dollars.
Another reason for pessimism on the American trading platforms was the decision of China in response to the introduction of high duties on Chinese imports to the United States to increase duties on the import of American goods by $ 60 billion.
Asian markets lost on Tuesday in the limits of 0.6%. Investors in the region are extremely concerned that increased trade tensions will negatively affect the growth rate of the world economy.
A few out of the General dynamics European markets that show growth at 0.5–0.6%. Positive dynamics of indicators observed amid reports that unemployment in the UK in the first quarter of this year fell to 3.8%.
The Russian stock market on Tuesday, gaining between 0.4% amid the rise in world oil prices. The ruble is practically stable against the dollar and the Euro.
Vadim Kovalenko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club