The tax period will not be able to keep the ruble from falling

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Today, the ruble pared some of Friday’s losses in a basket of currencies, but beyond that it does not matter. The US dollar to date is 68,41 RUB (down 0.6%). Euro declines of 0.3% and is trading at around 78.00 RUB the Russian Central Bank set for Tuesday, 25 December the following exchange rates: 68,40 RUB per U.S. dollar (raised to 40 cents) and RUB over 77,88 Euro (reduced to 9 cents).
Oil to the middle of the day reduced its morning enthusiasm and went down to a symbolic minus. A barrel of Brent to the present time is trading at $of 53.81 (-0,05%). Friday’s statistics from Baker Hughes with the growth in the number of drilling rigs in the US have been reflected in the prices. Statistics on oil reserves from the us Department of energy will be released only on Friday.
Now the global capital markets there is a lull – time Catholic Christmas eve (today) and Christmas (tomorrow). Statistics will not, in the news vacuum. On this background the auctions where they still remain, will be “thin” band.
The U.S. dollar on Monday, will remain within the marks 68,25-69,00€, and there should not overestimate the influence of the tax period in Russia. Support can be a point, but if the barrel gets back under bearish pressure, such support will not stand. Euro/ruble protorguetsya in the hallway 77,80-78,45 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,