The stronger dollar is falling, investors await fed meeting

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On Thursday the beating the dollar is gaining momentum. The American currency is falling almost across the entire spectrum of the market, especially in pairs with the European currencies like the dollar bulls retreat. Interest risk podugas, but is still in place, depriving the USD of chance on the resumption of demand as a defensive asset.
Against this background, the Euro again pulled above the level of 1.17, however, to move beyond 1.1720 yet it fails. With high probability this week the main currency pair will finish in a green area, while the forthcoming trading five-day week will begin with the positioning of the market before the Federal reserve meeting, which will be the main event next week.
The pound also raliroad, reaching highs of mid-July in the area of 1.3230. If the quotes will be able to confirm the price breakout at 1.32 at the close, from a technical point of view it will be a positive technical signal for the bulls to Stirling. And “British” is growing, despite the ambiguous news headlines on the subject Brekzita, which confirmed that until the parties can come to consensus on the Irish border. Most likely, traders are guided by the fact that both parties are aware of the scale of the consequences of failure to conclude a transaction and will try to do everything possible to have her end up still to sign.
The dollar will see the gaps if the market will start speculating on the subject of confident and aggressive rhetoric of the fed at the upcoming meeting, which primarily involves the rate increase. Players will be very interested to know how the regulator has in relation to the pace of further policy tightening, particularly in the context of a trade war and its potential consequences for the American economy.
Michael Mashchenko,
Analyst social network for investors
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