The stock markets of USA and Europe covered by the optimism

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On foreign exchanges continues to dominate the optimism. Investors increasingly believe in the imminent end of the trade war. Feeding the markets yesterday gave the trump, stating the possibility of rescheduling the end of a temporary truce with China, if the parties are close to a deal. Against this background, the demand for risky assets continues, and oil developing bullish momentum, sitting above the level of $ 63 per barrel Brent.
However, the Russian market all this is not helping the major indices show a fairly deep correction, reflecting the return of the sanctions topic. It became known that America and the European Union is preparing new anti-Russian sanctions related to the incident in the Kerch Strait. This speculation has naturally led to more aggressive profit taking, especially since the indexes are at attractive levels. Thus, in the second half of day the index of RTS Mosberg and lose about 1.5%.
The ruble looks quite confident. On Wednesday, the Russian currency was trading slightly higher against currency basket. Attempt a bearish correction in the dollar on the Forex market did not develop, and USD went back on the attack. But despite the strength of the opponent, the ruble is well kept, not allowing the dollar to around 66 rubles, partly due to the increase in oil prices.
To exit from the current range of the pair dollar/ruble requires a new catalyst that would be asked quotations of a more precise motion vector. If the bullish breakout in the commodity segment will be false, and Brent will once again fall victim to profit-taking, downside risks for the ruble will increase, and the tightening of sanctions of the rhetoric of the West is able to undermine the position of domestic currency in a more aggressive manner.
Gennady Nikolaev
Academy of management Finance and investment