The stock market of Europe expects US duties on imports from China

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European markets in the short term are likely to decline in anticipation of the introduction of new duties on US imports from China.
At the moment, trade relations between the US and China remain the center of attention of participants of the world markets. The United States has threatened in September to impose duties on products from China by another $267 billion in addition to existing duties on goods worth $250 billion Officially, while there are only duties on goods by $50 billion.
Also important questions remain and the success of the negotiation process on Brexit. According to the latest news, in negotiations there are some positive developments that support the British pound. However, the expensive pound is not very good for British exporters, as it reduces their revenues in dollars.
To support several European markets will be some recovery in the global oil market, where the price of a barrel of Brent crude stuck at $78. The growth of oil in the medium term, contribute to the fears of market participants regarding the reduction of oil supplies from Iran as a result of us sanctions. Already, several major purchasers of Iranian oil reduce their purchases of raw materials from the country. In particular, India, Japan and South Korea.
Good prospects for Germany market may present the promise of Qatar to invest in the development of the German economy of 10 billion euros over five years. It is expected that investments can be directed to the manufacture of machinery, information technology and banks.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club