The stock market is waiting for U.S. legislators and the Russian Federation

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In the first days of July, Asian markets fall 2.5% – 3% in anticipation of the July 6, when the U.S. government plans to impose new duties on U.S. imports of Chinese goods worth $34 billion a year. The extension of the trade war scares investors and makes them look for markets where you can sit out the next storm. So for one month Asian stocks declined in the range of 2% to 12% whereas the emerging markets had an inflow of money, for example, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Eastern European countries etc., and their stocks rose by 1% – 5%.
This trend will continue until the Asian markets there are problems. Russian market will get the attention of investors because of an emergency meeting of the Presidents of the US and Russia, and today will be a meeting of US congressmen with colleagues from the lower and upper chamber of the Russian Parliament. Positive messages from the meeting will support the Russian market.
Viktor Veselov,
Chief analyst,