The situation on the Russian stock market is purely negative

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The ruble

In connection with the foreign economic policy of the United States, which is hawkish in nature and is expressed in the form of trade wars with China, the EU, Turkey and so on, the recent exchange rates of national currencies of developing countries actively cheaper to the us dollar. Including the Russian ruble. The dollar against the ruble is set to break the mark of 68 and his next goal is the overall target level of 71 rubles per dollar. An additional driver for this will serve as the recent tightening of sectional policy to a specific legal and physical persons from 21.08.2018 G.

The stock market

In connection with these events, the situation on the Russian stock market is purely negative. The letters from the United States regarding their foreign policy, the activity of all run by foreign investors. As a Prime example, the RTS index depreciates tirelessly since February of this year. It is obvious that the downward trend will only continue.
The news from the U.S. Treasury of tougher sanctions, the Russian market is not yet as did not respond.
Aleksandr Ageev