The savings Bank has pumped liquidity to Ukrainian “daughter”

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Sberbank of Russia has increased the authorized capital of the subsidiary Bank in Ukraine by 3.3 billion hryvnia, or about $122 million at the current exchange rate, to 24,065 billion. The increase in the authorized capital of the Bank formed additional reserves for loans and increased the capital adequacy.
“Sberbank” at the end of last year reported a loss of $ 7.6 billion.
The national Bank of Ukraine in January fined the Ukrainian “daughter” on 94,737 million hryvnia for risky activities. “Sberbank” intends to challenge the fine in court. The news is certainly negative, however, the Ukrainian business was too small in scale “savings” and it will barely react stock quotes.
We have one question – why? Business for political reasons in Ukraine to conduct very difficult and so it will be a very long time. To sell Ukrainian subsidiary of “Sberbank” can’t is a full illiquid. If “daughter” ruined, “Sberbank” will survive. It is not clear why increase the amount of potential losses, pumping the troubled asset money. “Sberbank” – “daughter” of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, probably, it is a political decision of the Kremlin, which defies reasonable explanation.
Alexander Razuvayev,
Director of information-analytical center,