The savings Bank has cancelled the transfer phone number on credit card

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Sberbank has decided to limit the transfer of funds by phone to a credit card. This is done in order to avoid a situation in which the user will eventually be faced with the need to pay fees at the time of withdrawal. For debit cards the possibility of translation remain the same: this can be done by phone number and the number on the card.
In the same terms as the transfer of money was carried out on each active card, which in some cases could be inconvenient to the recipient-simply due to a lack of information.
On the one hand, the mobility of payments remains high. On the other Bank in some cases you may obtain more information about the sender. It is unlikely the extension of the application of the AML / CFT law, but small steps in this direction by Russian banks is still under way. Banks are unlikely to go the way of refusal of transfers using phone numbers, but these can rise or Commission component, or will shrink the limit of funds for translation.
So, this fall, users of banking services are faced with the requirement of a number of banks to justify cash transfers for small amounts. Most likely, this was due to the “run” of the system of supervision over movement of funds, when the performers within banks are looking for and form a strategy to fulfil the requirements of the regulator. Whatever it was, banks were more attentive to cash the Russians, who are on the accounts, and far more have become interested in the basis for their movement. This means that the system of control over financial flows of the consumer is becoming tougher, and it should be considered in the future.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,