The Russians took Mosberg trillion rubles savings

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And this is justified because the standard of living of the population falls despite all the reports and calculations of Rosstat. And people feel it for yourself. So looking for options how to earn income. Adds to the effect, the fall in Deposit rates of banks.
People go to the market because of the low yields on Bank deposits, in the summer of 2018, the average rate at banks from the top 20 set a historical low, dropping below 6.4 percent per annum. Besides, the real value of inflation exceeds the interest on the deposits at least 2 times.
Although Rosstat recorded a slowdown in price growth to 2.5% in the beginning of last year, the level of inflation that the Central Bank measures during monthly surveys, never fall below 8-9%.
On the other hand it also suggests that traditional tools do not give the yield that would suit our fellow citizens. And even the classic flight of capital to real estate today is not satisfied with the most wealthy people.
And it is worth Recalling that the last time the record on the stock market of our fellow citizens was raised just before the 2008 crisis. All assets were purchased at the peak value and the people suffered heavy losses. It is hoped that this will not happen again.
Alexey Ignatenko,