The Russian stock market’s going up again

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Russian stock indexes finish day growth. Index Mosberg came close to historic highs, and trading at 2535 points (+1%). The RTS index is also ready to renew the local maximum, the bidding ends in around 1217 points (1.4 per cent). The bulls did not miss the chance to take advantage of the positive situation, the lack of any shocks in foreign markets and to purposefully move the indexes up – probably tomorrow the update highs.
The pair dollar/ruble ends around yesterday’s close – 65.5 rubles, the Euro/ruble fell below 74 rubles, at the end of the day for one Euro at the exchange offer a 73.9 RUB Tomorrow, the Euro/dollar may continue to decline in the area of 73.4 RUB Pair dollar/rouble will stay in the range is 65.2-65.8 per.
Support for the rouble on Wednesday could provide the increase in oil prices. Following the publication of the report of OPEC, the price of Brent crude rose to near $63 per barrel
The Eurodollar in late afternoon trading in the area of 1,129, the evening will be a presentation by the head of the fed, so do not relax, a few may even shake.
Anna Kokoreva,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center,