The Russian stock market will start the day with growth against the background of external optimism

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The Russian market on Friday going up on optimism on the global markets regarding the possible abolition in the United States increased duties on Chinese imports.
On Thursday, the Russian market managed to grow amid weakening of the risk of sanctions and a stable exchange rate. Mosberg index increased by 0.54% to 2447,64 points and the RTS index – on 0,35%, to 1157,06 points.
The major stock indexes of USA the day before has grown by 0.7-0.8% amid speculation about the possibility of the abolition of the excessive import duties on goods from China. The proposal supports the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin, but it has also opponents. While the forecasts were statements of the Bank Morgan Stanley, the net profit per share of which amounted to 0.73 dollar for the fourth quarter of 0.84 against the dollar a year earlier.
European exchanges closed in the red on the major indices in the range of 0.4% due to the uncertainty about Brexit. It is not excluded that the country will hold another referendum on the question of a British exit from the European Union.
The world prices for oil on Friday have gone to growth amid the reduction of oil production by OPEC countries. However, investors still worried about a possible oversupply in the market, so the growth of oil prices remains rather fragile. Asian indices on Friday, rising between 1.3% in the hope the abolition of the excessive import duties of the United States.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club