The Russian stock market will remain under pressure of sanctions still for a long time

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The stock market was waiting for real sanctions since January, the company under them have produced certain actions to continue operation in all conditions, but the news from the US led to a sharp reset securities “metallurgists” in all markets.
Two main groups of companies have dragged him down with me the rest of the market are the entities among the shareholders of which are the defendants in the sanctions list, as well as shares in which the largest number of nonresidents, that is, those who primarily comes out of high-risk assets with any negative event or news about him.
Some papers already to evening of Monday regained some of the lost positions, and on Tuesday the restoration has proceeded since such news can make good money and many investors ran to buy depreciating assets.
It is obvious that personal sanctions in the long term can have a serious impact on the profitability of some companies, however, now the majority of the shares of the pledged excess discount for risk, therefore, stable companies that are to a lesser extent come under attack, you can go on a growth track again on Wednesday, and “weak” stocks at risk while at low levels of support. This drawdown risks being the shortest in the history of the confrontation between Russia and the West, but the outcome of the review will be available only by Friday.
Alexander Grigorenko,
Asset Manager
IR Global Capital