The Russian stock market will decrease the oil under pressure

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External background before opening of the Russian market is moderately negative. The net effect of the weighted sum of the key environmental factors that have a significant impact on the behavior of the Russian financial market, today early in the day, according to our estimates, looks downward.
April futures on Brent at the moment vary in the level of $64.7 per barrel while waiting for data publication of statistical data on oil reserves in the United States, which, according to preliminary estimates, can continue growth the fourth week in a row.
Futures for the leading stock indexes of USA today in the morning carrying a small loss. Major Asian stock indices do not show any dynamics. Premarket European session signals the drop in the leading European stock markets in early afternoon trading.
The opening of the Russian stock market is expected today in the area of 2265 points on the index of Masuri, suggesting that in conditions of the worsening external backdrop this stock indicator may again be under selling pressure.
Leading European stock indexes on Tuesday were changed multidirectional if the rpm is trading 22% below average. In the British stock index FTSE 100 (-0,01%) fell in price by only 17% of the papers, and the largest negative influence on him was the downgrade of the shares of HSBC Bank (-3,1%) and mining company BHP Billiton (forecast to be minus 4.6%). The French CAC (+0.64%) is increased by the increase in the stock STMicroelectronics (+2.5%) and Airbus (+2.2 per cent). The German indicator DAX (+0,83%) added due to the growth of the shares of Siemens (+1,2%), BASF (+1,4%), and Bayer (+1,2%).
US stocks dropped on Tuesday. The greatest negative influence on the index of “blue chips” Dow Jones (-1,01%) had a shares weak reporting retailer Walmart (-10,2%). The index high-tech NASDAQ slipped 0.07%. The index of “broad market” U.S. S&P500 (-0,58%) also declined while turnover of trading 12% below the monthly average.
Fall it stood out in the consumer sector (down 2.3%), which fell quotes 91% of the shares. The volatility of the US stock market began to rise again. Index stock volatility VIX (+5,8%), which is also called the “barometer of fear” investors yesterday once again rose above the psychological level of 20 points, indicating that over the American market once again the clouds are gathering.
The Russian stock market on Tuesday added. Mosberg index rose by 0.67% if the rpm is trading at 13% below average, and the increase in membership was noted by 53% of the shares. The greatest positive impact on the index Mosberg helped the growth of the shares of Magnit (+7.9%) and Gazprom (+2.2 per cent). Kept lifting index Mosberg decline in shares of Norilsk Nickel (-1%) and Rosneft (down 0.6%).
Today’s intraday dynamics of the Russian stock market will continue to be affected by the behavior of world oil prices, Western stock indices, and changes in the ruble exchange rate, emerging economic statistics and developments. Today among the upcoming Russian events it is necessary to highlight the location of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation at auction of two issues of OFZ in the amount of 45.9 billion, and the expected publication of financial results of NOVATEK under IFRS for the year 2017.
Steps Oleg,
The head of analytical Department,
IFC “solid”