The Russian stock market was quiet on low activity auctions

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Meager external background, where most of the Western areas celebrates the start of the Easter holidays, resulted in the consolidation of Russian stock indexes with a small upward slope in the first half of trading on Friday. Mosberg index settled just above the opening level and can go to negative territory, although the reasons for the deep drawdown is not observed. RTS feels slightly more confident, but will lose points if the pressure on the ruble will continue.
In the segment of blue chips trading activity is also low. Under the pressure of sellers remain preferred shares of “Renaissance”, which are now cheaper by more than 3%. Shares of “Yandex” fall by 1.5%, “a Mechel” – on 1%. The financial sector is modestly growing. Quotations of Sberbank and VTB rise by 0.37% and 0.50%, respectively. Better than market looked shares “Yunipro” and MTS, added 2% and 1.36%, respectively.
“Transneft” became the owner of 100% voting shares of “CTC company” and “CPC investments company”, located in the Cayman Islands. Shareholders “Transneft” have approved the increase in share capital pipeline company by the introduction of Russia’s share in CPC in December last year. Today’s message has not caused a market reaction – quotes “Transneft” traded unchanged compared with the opening level.
A new week can bring new experiences to domestic investors, as the diplomatic conflict between Russia and the West could be developed further. In Monday trading will remain sluggish, as the Catholic world continues to celebrate Easter. With the return of foreign players volatility in the market will increase. Also, much will depend on what mood after the rest will return to trading commodities platform.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group