The Russian stock market today opened trading strong growth

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The Russian stock market opened upwards. To date, the leading stock indexes added an average of 0.4% in the green zone traded shares of “Mechel” and “Bashneft”. In the red balance paper “Akron” and preference shares “Rostelecom”.
The external background to today’s trading has developed the neutral. U.S. markets ended the previous session in positive territory, futures on the S&P index slightly up in premarket trading. The price of oil keep in the black. A barrel of Brent traded at $61,76 (+0,1%).
Euro/dollar in the beginning of the next session returned to growth, the main trading go around 1,1530. Speaking on the eve of the head of the fed Jerome Powell said the risks reshivshego national debt and announced the intention to continue to sell assets from the balance sheet, accumulated over time multiple QE. Now they are about $4 trillion.
Russian ruble in the first hour of trading was choppy in a basket of currencies. The US dollar was trading at RUB of 66.89 (-0,05%). Likely range of movement of the pair dollar/ruble today is 66,70-67,50 RUB EUR/RUB will spend the day in the hallway of 77.00-77,75 RUB.
According to information from business circles, “Christmas collapse” in the U.S. stock market was quickly stopped due to emergency injections of dollar supply, which caused approving reaction of Donald trump in the address of Jerome Powell. However, the level and speed of the ensuing fall indicate that no continuous emission pumping demand for the shares, the confluence of the American economy in a coma is inevitable and can occur at any time. We continue to believe that 2019 will be comparable to 2008, if not worse, and the collapse of the American stock exchange is a matter of time.
Taken on December 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with representatives of Russian business has demonstrated that a significant part of the business community considers such contacts, not to mention his collaboration with governmental agencies “toxic” for their interests, have already reached beyond the national borders of Russia.
However, the proposed program of cooperation in national projects and the extradition from France of former Minister of Finance of Moscow region Alexey Kuznetsov, coupled with the pressure of the sanctions from the Western partners can reverse this trend. In this context, we consider it necessary to recall that the whole private sector is 30% of the Russian economy.
Index Mosberg intends to trade on the last day of the working week within 2410-2450 points.
Alexander Razuvayev,
Director of information-analytical center,