The Russian stock market today have updated the highs

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The Russian stock market today have updated the highs. Index Mosberg rose to 2537 points, but to stay there could not and almost rolled below. Short-term fluctuation there is at the level 2520-2550 points, while maintaining the appearance of positive investors will return to buy later. It is worth to note that the higher the indicators are, the lower the daily trading volume. It is also easy to explain – is not so much willing to buy at the highest prices. Investors are waiting for correction, but the time for it has not come yet.
The main volume of “blue chips” he feels. Sales observed in the securities of “Aeroflot”, and without special reasons, the shares of Mosuri and “Rosneft”. Shares “RusHydro” look better market. The paper broke the short side corridor 0,5000-0,5193 and is trading higher. If at the end of the day will be able to gain a foothold above 0,5250/0,5270, tomorrow’s session will continue shopping.
By evening, the commodities market came to the attention of the sellers who, apparently, found the previous lifting excessive. Losing in the oil price dragged the ruble, which during the day looked nice.
The U.S. dollar rose today to 65,65 RUB, and if he manages not to slide down and to gain a foothold in this region, the lift will be the turn of 65,85 RUB Short-term fluctuation is 65,40-65,75 RUB In EUR/RUB situation no fundamental changes, range of motion had been made in the boundaries of 75.00-75,55 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,