The Russian stock market to the night lost all optimism

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The Russian market on Monday entered the trades in a good mood, but by evening, the optimism evaporated. Today, the United States rest on the occasion of veterans Day, news in the evening too, will not, and before closing our market will be left to himself. Usually in this situation, the indexes decrease more moderately than grow. Index Mosberg is in the vicinity of 2400 points and still high chances for the resumption of sales. Geopolitical risk has not disappeared, just in the United States output.
The absence of a US decision on implementation of full-scale sanctions against the Russian metallurgists more of a pause than an absolute positive, and in the evening investors realized it. The immediate support for the rouble indicator is at the level of 2,385 points, resistance – higher 2425 points. The Tuesday session will begin at these borders. The RTS index will try to consolidate in the corridor 1110-1125 points.
If the oil is at the end of the day will be able to gain a foothold above $71, it will allow raw materials to continue to recover and move toward $75. If the success of Monday will be local, and emotion to the evening cools down, the bears will return to the idea of motion to $65.
Let me remind you that the monitoring Committee of the OPEC+ alone does not solve anything, however, the Saudis quite exactly will now decrease production levels. However, before they have it good “broke up”, so in the fundamental figures of the fireworks optimism quickly should not wait.
The most traded currencies today, falling in pairs with the US dollar, but the ruble and here stands out and looks good, since closing Friday’s failure. The U.S. dollar is trading around the evening 67,50 RUB, short-term trading range in the pair dollar/ruble suggests the boundaries 67,30-68,00 Euro RUB RUB 76,15 is about, but given the sharp weakening of the Euro currency on the world stage and four consecutive weeks of sales to the dollar, there can be unpleasant for fans of Euro surprises with a continuation of sales.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,