The Russian stock market to close the day in negative territory after oil

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The Chinese market fell almost 2.5%, which was the reason for the fall of domestic indexes. In addition, the oil price had a fresh minimum of the current autumn and has so far refused to make any reverse signals. However, European markets started the day positive, which is a bit hit domestic aggression “bears”.
Corporate news is almost there, so the market sells ideas of the recent past. Aeroflot once again took the lead in the market owing to the prospects of falling fuel costs.
Securities SAFMAR is profit taking, which was formed as a result of growth on news of the buyback program by 6 billion rubles. Depositary receipts “Tape” included in the calculation base index Mosberg. Oil companies that expect friendly group pulled the market down.
16:05 (GMT) index Mosberg decreased by 0.99% to 2346,11 p., and RTS were corrected by 1.31% to 1123,44 p.
The ruble was replaced by the morning strengthening to weaken following falling oil, which struck the lowest level since November last year. By the middle of Moscow trading, the barrel of Brent cost about 4005 roubles. One-day rate MosPrime has decreased to 7.39%, the week increased to 7.64%, and monthly increased to 7.95%. In addition to oil, the ruble has no reason to weaken. Tax period, a weak short-term sanctions risk, high-yield debt market and strong budget options to protect the national currency from the failures. 16:05 (GMT) USD/RUB 65,785 (+0,25%), EUR/RUB – 74,682 (-0,22%).
European markets started the day quite positive, but then buyers stepped back. The problem Brexit acquires new challenges. In particular, Spain has put forward a number of issues concerning Gibraltar, which, as you know, is under the control of the UK. Speaking of sectors, the weakest is again mining companies and oil companies. Statistics for the Eurozone surprised by his negativity. The preliminary index of business activity in the Eurozone fell to 51.5 points and expectations to 52.0%, while in the services sector fell to 53.1 p. in December, a light fall to 53.6%, Respectively, a composite indicator fell to 52.4 from 53.1 p. p. in October. 16:05 (GMT) DAX 11163,09 p. (+0,22%), CAC 40 4946,27 p. (+0,16%), FTSE 100 6957,12 p. (-0,05%).
Oil continues to Express the uncertainty of what OPEC+ is able to negotiate a new agreement on production cuts. Quotations Brent have decreased to $60.3 in the early European session. The IEA said its forecast, expecting production growth outside OPEC this year to 2.3 million bar. compared to the previous estimate six months ago at the level of 1.8 million bar. growth.
Demand growth next year will be only 1.3 million bar. additional daily consumption compared with 1.5 million bar. about six months ago. Accordingly, the market may provide more compelling incentives for OPEC+ to the parties to the agreement were able to make the necessary decision. The probability of falling prices to $55-58 increased significantly. 16:05 (GMT) Brent crude – $60,75 (-2,96%), WTI – $52,05 (-4,72%), gold – $1222,8 (-0,42%), copper – $6103,52 (-0,93%), Nickel $10775 (-1,78%).
The dollar index grew 0.39% to 96.75 p. AUD, CAD, NZD weakened from 0.3% to 0.45% against the greenback. 16:05 (GMT) EUR/USD – $1,135 (-0,43%), GBP/USD – $1,283 (-0,37%), USD/JPY – 112,83 (-0,08%).
Before the start of trading in the US futures for the major indexes losing 0.4%. Among active shares can be shares of Amazon because of the scandal with the leak of a database of names and email addresses. Apple offers the possibility of reducing prices in the Japanese market for its cheapest phones. Trading in the U.S. will be completed by 13:00 local time. Accordingly, activity at the forthcoming session will be low. Friday the expected publication of the government’s U.S. report on the impact of climate change. At least D. trump has already expressed their distrust of this theory. The Russian market to close the day in negative territory, reacting to the next lows on oil. The situation in the ruble will remain relatively stable.
Andrei Kochetkov,
Senior analyst,
“Opening Broker”