The Russian stock market the power of negativity

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On the Russian stock market today is hosting the “bears”. Given the negative external background, it’s not surprising. However, the index does not fall Mosberg as I could, and in the evening back above 2400 points. However, the morning light 2400 is a break down showed that in such a volatile market, maybe almost everything, and if the bears will have the chance to sell, they will quickly make. The likely range of variation in on Friday for index Mobimii is 2375-2415 points. The RTS index will continue to consolidate in the range 1120-1140 points.
Shares of “Gazprom” gradually subside until the Issuer has not confirmed talk facts about dividends. There remains a small chance for 2019 in this regard, but too much there depends on the situation. The technical picture admits in the securities of “Gazprom” some correction in the area 155-156 RUB, where can be willing to buy again.
The oil market today has covered another tantrum. A barrel of North sea Brent crude oil day fell more than 3%, and by evening had recovered to $60, but the market remains tense and waiting for the facts from OPEC. In that case, if the agreement does not happen, the barrel can easily return to the movement towards $between 58.50.
The Russian ruble is still under pressure, but here, the excitement and the dynamics could be more pronounced than it is now. The dollar Thursday rose above 67,0 RUB, but to gain a foothold so far failed. Wide fluctuation remains within 65-67 per grinbek., narrower within 66,50-66,95 RUB In that case, if “American” will still be able to break the intermediate support level 67,25 rubles., will open the road to 67,75 RUB the Probable corridor for movements of the Euro/ruble is 75,65-76,35 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,