The Russian stock market supports the buyers

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On the Russian stock market are the buyers. Index Mosuri the evening back 2560 points, the short corridor movement involves variations in the range of 2545-2570 points. The RTS index looks stable in the hallway 1250-1260 points. It is likely that the “bulls”, but with a more temperate mood, will remain on the domestic site until then, yet not change the external environment.
In the papers “TMK” continue to this purchase, but yesterday’s peak level of 59.34 RUB to take all doesn’t work either. Ideally, buyers would reach out to the field to 60.00 rubles. where to begin consolidation, but without market support it will make it difficult.
Shares of “Aeroflot” today is corrected after yesterday’s increase. While in the papers has been short-term “sideways” 96,78-of 99.38 RUB, but the local news about the reduction in the rate of VAT on domestic regional routes can support the quotes.
Dollar falls in tandem with the ruble and returns to the RUB of 64.35 Nothing particularly terrible happens: the Russian currency feels confident until there is a demand for OFZ (thanks to a quiet environment), and oil becomes more expensive. All quite in the market canvas. Fluctuations in the next few days unable to leave the American currency in the corridor 64,10-64,75 rubles, European — in the range of 72.50 per person-for 73.15 RUB.
_________________ Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,