The Russian stock market strengthened after the European exchanges

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Auction Friday Russian stock markets began on a positive note with an eye to the optimism of European investors. Indices of the Old world cold-bloodedly postponed the news about the cancellation of the summit, the US-DPRK and moderately grow before the onset of the weekend. Holding back greater optimism in the domestic market correction in the oil market due to fears of the revision of the terms of the deal, OPEC+. Afternoon index Mosberg and RTS grow on average by 0.8%, getting decent support on the local corporate news. The ruble was trading virtually unchanged, gaining support from the peak of the tax.
Better the market looked papers “Rusala” that raliroad 2.5% after the morning spurt at 4% in reaction to the official release of Oleg Deripaska, came under U.S. sanctions, the Board of Directors of the company. We will remind that earlier American Ministry of Finance has indicated that it may lift sanctions against aluminum giant if Deripaska will renounce control over the enterprise. A month ago, the businessman has reduced its stake in En+, and now left the Board of Directors “to protect the interests of the shareholders in connection with the U.S. sanctions”.
The leaders of growth – actions “NOVATEK”, where the increase exceeds 4%. Investors with enthusiasm have apprehended the message that the Russian company has agreed with the French concern Total about his joining to the project “Arctic LNG 2” on the Gydan Peninsula. The transaction will close in the first quarter of next year. Total will receive 10% of the project with the possibility of increasing the share to 15%. We will remind, at the moment the French company is already about 19% of the shares of NOVATEK.
The situation in the oil market threatens to lift the Russian indexes. Also in the second half of the day is not ruled out profit-taking before the weekend in response to unstable geopolitical situation in the world. However, if the General mood in global markets will remain moderately positive, the domestic indices are able to stay in positive territory.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group