The Russian stock market steadily continues to grow

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The Russian stock market steadily continues upward trend. If earlier investors looked only to companies related to the oil and gas sector in General favorable conditions look to companies in other sectors. For example, shares of “Sberbank” became interesting on the background of strengthening of the ruble. In this case the papers of “Sberbank” have the growth potential to 230,00 rubles per share in the short term. But shares of the company “Aeroflot” despite the fact that it was the increased transport of almost 9% of investors do not try to hurry to buy and wait until the stock will come down to price level of 100.00 rubles per share. Among oil and gas companies “Rosneft”, “Tatneft”, “Gazprom” continues active growth amid high oil prices. Therefore, these companies may grow in the near future for at least another 2%.
In General, the Russian stock market looks more promising than it was in the first two quarters of the current year. On the background of strengthening of the national currency and stable oil prices and the recently increased interest rate has created conditions for attracting the attention of investors both local and Western to Russian financial instruments.
American stock indexes closed with mixed dynamics, after a new round of trade tariffs in the U.S. decreased, contributing to hope last week on the negotiations between the two countries, as investors awaited a widely expected interest rate hike from the Federal reserve. Seven of the 11 major sectors in the S&P lost its position after the entry into force of the US tariffs on Chinese goods worth $ 200 billion, as well as the response functions of Beijing. US equities last week made significant gains, as investors hoped that the US and China will hold trade talks. But given the fact that both parties now defend their position.
Industrial sector (SPLRCI), which took the brunt of a protracted trade war, sank 1.3%. But at the same time there are stocks that are in investors ‘ focus, namely: Tesla Inc (O: TSLA) is building its own car carriers, because the electric carmaker is facing problems with traffic cars. Earlier this month, Elon Musk admitted that the company had problems with logistics than production delays. He is under pressure to prove that it can provide sequential serial numbers for the sedan Model 3, as seen, is crucial for the plan of Tesla to become a mass market automaker. Shares have growth potential of up to $325,00 per share;
Starbucks Corp (O: SBUX) is planning an organizational restructuring, including changes in leadership, according to the Memorandum to his chief Executive officer Kevin Johnson. Changes occur at a time when the world’s largest manufacturer coreproducts faces many problems, including cooling of the US market and strong competition from competitors, at the same time implementing an ambitious expansion project in China. Shares of the company are of key area purchases from $55,00 to the potential growth of $60.00 per share;
Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) looks absurdly cheap at the moment. Alibaba increased its revenue by 58% year on year 2018 fiscal year (end of March), and profits not related to GAAP diluted EPS grew by 40%. Investors understand this, and try to buy the paper from price levels of $155,00 per share.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”