The Russian stock market started the week in the green zone

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The Russian stock market on Monday began trading in the green zone. To date, the major stock market indicators rising by 0.3% on average in the morning on demand featured paper “Mechel” and “Uralkali”. Under pressure are shares of “Severstal” and “MegaFon”.
The external environment for today’s session were favorable. American indices closed Friday’s slight increase, the index futures S&P premarket reduced. Oil prices are set on the rally. A barrel of North sea Brent raw materials worth $80,36 (+2%). Raw materials pushes up as geopolitics and statistical data from Baker Hughes, and the expectation of investors of the decision to increase production of black gold from OPEC+.
The Euro/dollar earlier in the week, retreating slightly, but the demand is still not on the side of grinbek. Key trades are about 1,1550 is not far from the peak of four months.
The Russian ruble is based on oil dynamics is strengthened in a basket of currencies. The U.S. dollar is worth 66,13 RUB (-0.4 per cent). Probable trading range for today in the instrument the dollar/ruble is of 66.00-66,85 RUB and EUR/RUB – 66,50-78,45 RUB.
Index Mosuri will hold the final Monday of September, in the range 2425-2445 points. The oil will keep investors from sales, but the reason for acquisitions today is not so much.
The United States is concerned about the success of the Russian agricultural sector, namely the large harvests of grain, particularly wheat, which, in the opinion of the local experts leads to a fall in prices for raw materials. Although it is worth noting that on September 10, 2018 Russia gathered 85,7 million tons of grain, which is 20% less than the same date last year. And on account of the price the Americans are evil, the value of a bushel of wheat on the Chicago stock exchange is higher today than in September last year and is $5.2.
However, the pressure on quotes provided by a record grain exports. Let me remind you that at the end of last agricultural year, our country broke the world record for the sale of grain abroad over the past 25 years and has exported 40 million tons. If Russia will continue to maintain its leadership position, farmers in the U.S. will have difficulty.
However, to increase rapidly their share in the Russian market can not because of standards imposed to the grain in different countries. It is important to note that domestic grain often does not correspond to their requirements, but mostly in European countries.
Some market experts suggest that the deterioration of the situation in agriculture, the U.S. government will propose new sanctions against Russia, limiting its grain exports. Estimates of “Alpari-Broker”, is worried about it before.
In the corporate sector today is quiet, the register of shareholders for participation in EGSM close “Akron”. From global events worth paying attention to the speech of the ECB President, Mario Draghi.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,