The Russian stock market shows a full growth

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Slowly but surely the mood of the players in global markets has improved and now show a complete growth, including the Russian indexes. On the eve of the domestic market had grown more confident thanks to the dynamics of foreign benchmarks in conjunction with continuation of smooth growth of oil prices. Brent is located above the level of 60 dollars per barrel and is trying to develop momentum. Against this background, Mosberg index increased by 1.38% to 2714,25 and the RTS was up by 1.44%, from the level 1284,94. If the positive trend in the near future will remain, the dollar index can go beyond $ 1,300.
The return to the negotiating table
To a greater extent on moods of investors were affected by the lack of news, which in light of the recent escalation of the trade war is already perceived by the players as good news. Moreover, then there were reports on the resumption of dialogue between China and the United States, and
the prospects of continuation of negotiations in September. It definitely brought down the degree of tension in the world stock markets, and at the same time gave confidence oil prices, which defend fresh highs in the area of 60,60 dollars per barrel.
But as we approach the weekend there is a risk of profit-taking after a brief recovery, which could materialize if from Washington or Beijing will do negative statements and comments. In the second half of day investors will pay attention to statistics from the U.S. personal spending and income and personal consumption expenditures, which in turn will affect the dollar, including against the ruble. Before the pair stepped back from the initial highs and back under the mark 66,50 RUB, but the threat of the breakout of the level of RUB 67 is maintained.
Alexander Timofeev,
Director for analysis of financial markets and macroeconomics
IR “Instant”invest