The Russian stock market, sensitive to oil sector

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The Russian stock market is very sensitive to the oil sector, as well as on the dynamics of other stock markets. Index Mosberg decreased due to the pressure on oil prices and oil companies that were in the list of leaders of growth, began to decline. Shares of companies in this sector today may try to revive growth amid rising oil prices. Tatneft JSC (MCX: TATN), could grow by +1.2%. But amid the General panic, the gold mining companies were the subject of investments.
So, Polyus (PLZL RM), after a minor correction may continue to rise by +1.5% and Polymetal (MCX: POLY RM), is expected to increase by +2%. You should also pay attention to the following company: MMK (MCX: MAGN) rosseti AO (MCX: RSTI), MegaFon (MCX: MFON), Uralkali (MCX: URKA), Bashneft JSC (MCX: BANE). The shares of these companies have growth potential by at least 2% – 2.5%. The rest of the Russian stock market will not stable. The banking sector significantly sags and remains a risky field for investment decisions. Today is Friday and we will see weak growth dynamics.
The us stock market, as expected, continued to decline because of continued fixation of the profits of large market participants who failed it on the first day of the fall market. Almost the only time when Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is making a splash in the media in our days, when we hear about his latest failure information security or similar failures. And the last of these incidents still resonates. Thus, Chris Hill and his guest, Bill Barker, when he wondered why the company chose this moment to launch Facebook.
The device is designed to compete with Echo, Amazon’s Home Assistant or Apple HomePod and equipped with microphone and video camera. In this segment they weigh a simple question: will anyone buy such a device from a company that generates such trust issues? Rumors of a Facebook stock increased by 1.3%. At the moment, investors worried about rising interest rates and sank in the struggle for the trade with corporate earnings the day before the start of quarterly reporting season.
Now the stock markets can be problems with recovery, as rising interest rates coincide with the uncertainty about how revenue growth will be unstable as a result of trade war with China. Major market participants will monitor the rate of return of Treasuries. Now they are within the permissible values 3,169, and the reason to panic yet.
Gaidar Hasanov
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