The Russian stock market retains a positive fuse

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The Russian market maintains positive fuse, even ignoring the dynamics of oil prices. After a strong close last week, and indexes it took place with the formation of combinations candlestick bullish engulfing, the start of a new shortened week also went well: indexes of RTS and Mosberg gained weight on 1,87% and 1.44%, respectively.
As I expected, important support levels such as district 2275-2290 points on the index of Masuri area 1090-1100 points on RTS index became good points for shopping.
With minimal levels markets have recovered to 5.7-6%, and some “chips” including the action “LUKOIL”, “Rosneft”, “Sberbank” has risen in price by 8.8 by 11.7%.
Although no doubt the players are still many near-term prospects for our market I see is quite positive. I could be wrong, but I think that we have at least another 2-3 weeks of quiet growth.
Yes, of course, the Democrats ‘ victory in the Lower House of Congress is not the best scenario for Russia, because this party sees us as a major threat. Besides, with their victory risks the introduction of a second package of anti-Russian sanctions has increased substantially.
However, I do not expect that sanctions will be imposed tomorrow, despite the fact that the 90-day deadline that was given to our country to provide the world community, official assurances no plans to use chemical weapons, expired yesterday. Although the involvement of Russia to the use of chemical weapons was never proven, and the origin of the substance, which was poisoned Skrypali, has not been set, but we all understand that the United States can’t stop this.
Possible, within 1-2 days of our indices and show local drawdown, but then I expect they’ll be back on the rails of growth and will continue its rise.
Anastasia Ignatenko,
Senior analyst,
GK Teletrade