The Russian stock market “remembered” about the growth

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The Russian stock market today, and remembered the desire to buy and started a week a good rise. However, it is recognized that the external environment today is quite neutral, especially important news that allowed investors to buy part of the sales last five days. Overseas markets have opened in a good mood, which creates a good basis for tomorrow’s auction. Index Mosberg finish today at about 2313 points, Tuesday’s session may begin in the range 2300-2320 points. However, the local downtrend is not complete.
RTS index closes Monday about 1111 points. According to the forecasts of “Alpari-broker”, the next session with high probability will be about 1105-1115 points. It would not like to believe in today’s effervescent positivity on the court, doubts remain that this growth is sustainable.
In the market today, favorites of the action “Yandex”, which surprised investors over financial reporting. The revenue of the Issuer in the third quarter increased by 39%, adjusted EBIDTA has grown by 88% yoy (return of 32.9%). Net profit soared 459% yoy, adjusted net income in the third quarter grew by 157% yoy. Such figures, the market hasn’t seen in the financial reports of large companies. Whether the positive statements are the reason for the purchase of securities, the big question, as shares dipped noticeably and the current moment not even played all the depth of previous sales.
The paper “Tape” is also among the leaders in demand after the release of information about the repurchase by management of the Issuer of the shares of the company. “Lenta” plans to redeem approximately 10% of the GDRs in the amount of RUB 11.6 billion Latest quarterly report was quite weak in comparison with competitors, next year the Ribbon will reduce the amount of new retail space and diversifitsirovat costs. Securities purchased under buy-back, you can later use to attract targeted funding is a positive thing.
The ruble, as previously, glued to a basket of currencies and almost not moving. The US dollar was trading around 65,63, the Euro is teetering around 74,70 RUB Here is not happening anything largely due to the fact that none of the institutional investors does not interfere in the course of the session. Sanctions risks remain on the second plan, but they are there and worth watching. News about the willingness of Angela Merkel to the post of Chancellor didn’t make the ruble absolutely no experience. Auction Monday for the pair dollar/ruble closed in the range 65,60-65,70 RUB session Tuesday will start in the same range. Probable short-term corridor for the Euro/ruble –74,50-74,95 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,