The Russian stock market remains nervous

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The Russian stock market remains nervous because the United States announced a new round of sanctions Wednesday aimed at Russia, which has pushed the ruble to two-year lows and sparked a broader selloff due to fears that Russia was locked in an endless spiral of sanctions. Separate legislation, presented last week in draft form Republican and democratic senators, proposes to limit the activities of several state banks of Russia in the United States and restrictions on their use of the dollar.
Also against the uncertainty of the oil sector and the stagnation of activity on the part of investors the Russian stock market in the short term will be under severe pressure. Investors try to minimize risk and due to the high psychological and emotional component may have been a bit hasty regarding their decisions on the issuing companies.
It remains only interesting oil and gas sector. Shares of the company LUKOIL has reached a historic high, and after the correction may continue to grow with unlimited potential, as well as shares of Rosneft after the break above the 434,40 can reach 500,00 rubles per share in the short term. Since today, somehow the oil market is controlled by big parties in the face of state and as a rule tends to stabilize the total oil market. As for the other sectors, there is no clear benchmarks for investment under the circumstances. Therefore, due to the oil and gas sector of the Russian stock indices to keep some stability.
Major indices of the us stock market S&P 500 and the Dow fell slightly on Thursday, as Apple and Amazon were offset by losses in energy and financial shares. Shares of Tesla Inc also fell to a two-day minimum and destroyed all wins caused by the recent tweet Executive Director Elon Musk, which reported on the intention to take the company private. The stock fell 4.8 percent.
The technology sector is in the spotlight of big investors. Doug field, who resigned as senior Vice President, technology Telsa Inc last month, returned to Apple Inc. The box will work with the Executive Director of Apple’s Bob Mansfield, who leads the self-service application Apple Project Titan. Field and Mansfield had previously worked together on the creation of a line of Apple Mac computers.
Therefore, Apple in focus of investors and active investment in a company with good growth potential. In General
the us stock market looks optimistic and only possible correction today on the market about fixing the profits of major market participants before the weekend.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”