The Russian stock market remains in positive territory

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The Russian stock market on Tuesday remained in positive territory, although it is obvious that the enthusiasm of buyers has limits. Index Mosuri the evening raised in the region 2527 points, short-term trade corridor is concentrated within 2510-2535 points. If on the court come the bears, the ruble indicator will quickly return to the area 2485 points. The RTS index looks stable at around 1215 points, but while you can’t see the potential to continue its rise.
Today, the leaders of the demand included paper “Ribbon” (+4,5%). “Severgroup” buys stake in retailer, and this pushes the paper company up. It is very important that the stock closed above 229. and tomorrow continued to rise – then we can talk about the completion of the medium-term downtrend and the return of the paper to reliable recovery. On purpose will be discussed later when it will be clear, and emotional is the rebound or the market really believes in “the Tape”.
And preference shares, and ordinary shares of Surgutneftegas are now in the red in the correction after two days of climbing on the corporate news.
In General, the dynamics of “blue chips” of today is heterogeneous, somewhere there is a powerful buy, where investors sell, unable to find a foothold.
The ruble gradually retreats to a basket of currencies, despite high oil prices and overall bullish tone in the raw. The greenback, in turn, on the world currency market strengthens, and this, together with the ghostly fears of tightening sanctions pressure on “Russians”. Grinbek the evening recovered to 65,50 RUB, it can be quite long to balance within the boundaries of the 65,30-of 66.00 RUB without a strong catalyst. The Euro is not enough momentum in tandem with the ruble, so the short-term “sideways” remains relevant within 73,10-73,65 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,