The Russian stock market reached record high last week

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Stunningly successful week on the Russian securities market is closed profit-taking. Index Mosberg goes to 2963 points after the test record this week at around 3009 points. The RTS index is reduced to 1464 points after a high of 1487 points.
What’s next? While global markets are configured well, the big drop will not. How is not it, and in the absence of strong negative news is their arrival now nothing portends. Ruble indicator can try to catch up to 3015 points, and it will be good. The currency index also has the potential to strengthen once at the site there is no exchange pitching.
The shares of “Magnet” this week finally, from “sideways”, but today the paper after the market sags, bidders of record profits. If on Monday market will be all on one purchase can last from a region 3347 RUB to the goal in 3393 RUB.
VTB shares today updated peaks from 8 August last year at around 0,0447 RUB With one hand, in favor of paper plays a stable external and internal background, with another – the dividend yield on the shares looks quite positive at 8.8%. On paper it may well be the continuation of increase of 2-5%.
The ruble to the evening and did not change the situation slightly and continued to retreat to a basket of currencies. The US dollar is at the level of 63,80 RUB, to RUB 64,00 until you reach. The Euro is trading at RUB of 70.35 and may remain in the channel 70,10-70,75 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at “Information-analytical center,