The Russian stock market opened with decent growth

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Russian stock indexes opened on a decent growth, but by noon they have lost all the enthusiasm, signaling caution of investors who remain in a state of stress due to protectionism trump and increasing threats of a trade war.
Index Mosberg lost all earned and traded slightly below the opening level, around 2234 points. RTS will be held in positive territory, while the ruble is in place, which is not defined with the further direction of movement.
Environments liquid securities under pressure traded securities of ALROSA, losing almost 2%. Investors took profits, fearing the announcement of a new dividend policy of the company, which will be developed until September 30. Recall that under the current dividend policy of ALROSA sends the payment to the shareholders at least 35% of IFRS net income.
Decent demand for shares of “Mechel”, rising in price by 2 percent. Nice add of paper NLMK, increasing by 1%. Meanwhile, quotes of Sberbank fall more than 1%, and VTB shares rise on symbolic of 0.2%. Shares of “inter RAO UES” are traded at a slight pressure due to the uncertainty in anticipation of the meeting of the Board of Directors on 28 June, which will address the issue of early termination of powers of some members of the Board.
Despite the lack of significant internal pressures, the Russian benchmark unlikely to be able to demonstrate a steady rise in the near future, as foreign investors are still cautious. To strengthen the position of the RTS will require more intelligible the rise of the ruble, which is not expected, judging by the recovery of the dollar on the Forex market is the limited growth potential of oil prices.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group