The Russian stock market opened the trading session higher oil optimism

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Russian stock markets opened a modest recovery in response to the rebound in oil prices after yesterday’s drawdown. However, the negative external background does not allow to develop a steady upward momentum indices, which in the afternoon tend to negative territory. Index Mosberg reduced by 0.2%, the RTS is trading just below the opening, in the area of 1234. The ruble moderately retreats to a basket of currencies. Brent crude is testing a mark of 68, after declining in the district 67,50.
In the segment of the most liquid securities dominate sales. Shares of AFK “Sistema” initially reacted positively to the statements, but, under the influence of negative reduced rise to 0.3%. In the fourth quarter, consolidated revenues “Systems” according to IFRS increased by 8.4% in annual terms.
Adjusted OIBDA increased by 13.8%. Adjusted net loss decreased from 6.2 billion to 1.6 billion rubles in the reporting period.
Better than the market today look quotes “Pole”, which added about 2% after yesterday’s rise in gold prices. After again aggressive sales demand preferred shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie, rising in price by 1.8%.
Papers “Gazprom” trading almost unchanged, showing no reaction to the statements. The company’s net profit according to accounting standards in 2017 reduced by more than four times and was the lowest in 15 years. In many ways, this deterioration is primarily due to the payment of the “Naftogaz” $ 2.6 billion by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration. Revenue at the company was 9.6% higher than in 2016.
The nervous atmosphere on Russian markets will continue, while at the global level, dominated by fears of a trade war that escalated after the retaliatory tariffs by China. Further escalation of trade disagreements continue to put pressure on riskier assets and the Russian market is no exception. Uncertainty reinforces the unstable situation on the market of black gold, where the recovery of the quotations, if will continue in the short term, may limit the impact of external negativity in the domestic benchmarks.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group