The Russian stock market on Tuesday went to the “red” zone

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The Russian stock market on Tuesday went to the “red” zone, amid gloomy external mood is quite natural and logical. Index Mosberg morning has broken the intermediate support level 2345 points and secured in the area of 2335 points. However, before the next support in the field 2300/2305 points the bears did not interfere. The short range of motion on the rouble indicator is 2320-2350 points, RTS index – 1095-1115 points.
On the background of the failure of prices on black gold excellent feel papers “Aeroflot”, which is benefiting from low fuel prices. However, it’s all band movement, and to the end of the year paper will remain in the range of 90-115 RUB.
On Wednesday, the Ministry of Finance will again try their luck in the bond market. Auction on placement of OFZ scheduled with a volume of 25 billion rubles last week was located a little more than 21 billion rubles, as a result, the Department has attracted less than half because of not correctly assessing external background. This time, the mood of global investors no better, but the Finance Ministry is ready to try.
The ruble on the background of the day dip in oil and barrel test of the November lows looks pretty good. The US dollar doesn’t pass above 67,0 RUB, but there is a real chance of moving to RUB 67,15 Pair dollar/ruble will close today’s trading day within the 66,85-67,20, Euro/ruble – 75,90-76,45.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,