The Russian stock market on Thursday began the bidding in a minor mood

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The Russian stock market on Thursday began the bidding in a minor mood. To date, the main stock indicators decline on average by 0.5%, among the morning outsiders are allocated shares of Sberbank and NOVATEK. Remain in positive territory papers “Gazprom oil” and “Samara”.
External environment to the new session happened mostly negative. Us markets were closed yesterday futures on the S&P in premarket trading in the red. Oil prices slightly, but the news background for the sector of raw materials remains difficult. A barrel of Brent is now $61,61 (+0,71%). Today, the OPEC meeting is carried out, and the news will be a lot.
The Euro/dollar on Thursday morning is slightly decreasing and is trading near 1.1330 area. The market remains sensitive to information regarding the confrontation between the U.S. and China on trade issues, there appear to be details, but all rather vague.
Russian ruble slightly reduced at the start of the Euro in a basket of currencies. The U.S. dollar is trading around 66,70 RUB (+0,2%). The probable range of fluctuations in the USD/ruble today is 66,50-67,15 RUB and EUR/RUB – 75,35-of 76.00 RUB
According to information from business circles, the output of Qatar from OPEC was initiated by the UK to prevent the rise in world energy prices and increasing pressure on Russia by controlled Qatari LNG competition with pipeline deliveries of Gazprom on the European market. Anyway, competition in the global energy market is intensifying. And the weakest side of “Gazprom” remains of the Ukrainian gas transit. The “Gazprom” from a fundamental point of view remains the cheapest Russian “blue chip” if, of course, except “Surgutneftegaz” with its cash position of $44 billion Why Gazprom is so cheap, everyone decides for himself, but it is unlikely that there is any logical explanation from a fundamental point of view.
Index Mosberg could try to upgrade the peaks but conditions shopping does not help. The Thursday session will be held within the boundaries of 2400-2435 points.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,